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Pesuta Shipwreck Hiking Trail, Tlell, Naikoon Park, East Beach Trail.
Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada
Pesuta Shipwreck Hiking Trail, Tlell, Naikoon Park, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC, Canada
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Pesuta Shipwreck Hiking Trail, Tlell, Naikoon Park
Haida-Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada

Pesuta Shipwreck Hiking Trail:

One of the more popular day-use hiking trails created in the Naikoon Provincial Park on Graham Island. The Queen Charlotte hiking trail is a moderately easy hike that covers 5 km return and should take 2 hours one way to complete based on fitness levels and tides. Return trip should take 4 -6 hours.

Pesuta Shipwreck, East Beach, Tlell, Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii Islands, BC, CanadaThe shipwreck trailhead starts at the Tlell River Picnic Park. Traveling north on Hwy 16 from Skidegate the park is located on your right just after the Tlell River Bridge. The parking lot area has an interpretive board outlining the hike and Naikoon Park with some picnic tables and pit toilets off in the distance.

The Pesuta Shipwreck Trail winds itself through coastline forest, dense salal and thick bush while following the Tlell River all the way to the ocean and East Beach. and the Pesuta shipwreck. The Pesuta Trailhead in the Tlell River Park is marked by the East Beach Trailhead sign.

The shipwreck trail is part of the longer 89 kilometre East Beach Wilderness Hiking Trail. The shipwreck on East Beach is all that is left of the 264 log barge which was sent crashing ashore during a winter storm in 1928.

Again, good rain gear, warm head gear and boots should be a big part of your hiking gear. Plan for tides if planning to walk the beach. Always check the weather as it can change fast on the Haida Gwaii Islands. Enjoy! Eh, and bring a camera.

How to Get to the Pesuta Shipwreck Hiking Trail:

Drive north for 41 kms on Hwy 16 from Skidegate BC Ferry Terminal on Graham Island to the region referred to as Tlell (south of Masset - 64 kms, south of Port Clements - 22 km). Tlell is centrally located on Graham Island of the Haida Gwaii Islands.

When approaching Tlell on Hwy 16 keep a sharp eye out for the large pink building on your left. From Hwy 16 you can see printed on the side of the pink/reddish building, "Clothing - Art - Cafe". This is a landmark you are in Tlell. Continue on Hwy 16 to the Tlell River Bridge. Just over the bridge on your right is the Provincial Park sign for Tlell River. Look for East Beach Trail sign to your left.


Pesuta Shipwreck Trail, Naikoon Park, Tlell in BCeh!

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