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Skidegate, Graham Island, Haida Gwaii Islands, Canada, British Columbia, Travel Information Guide

Skidegate, Graham Island, Haida Gwaii Islands, BC, Canada
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Skidegate, BC, Canada : Graham Island
Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada

Skidegate Village, Queen Charlottes is located on Skidegate Inlet on the southern point of Graham Island. The largest island in the Haida Gwaii Islands archipelago. Skidegate Village, known for its beautiful Totem Poles and talented First Nation carvers is 2 km north of the main BC Ferry Terminal connecting to Moresby Island and Prince Rupert on the mainland.

Bill Reid's Totem Pole, Skidegate,  Graham Island, Haida Gwaii Islands, BC, CanadaHaida culture and tradition has always been a big part of the history of Skidegate Village. Legend goes that, during the late 1700's and early 1800's - a peak period of otter fur trading - Skidegate was named after a chief of the First Nation village. An explorer named Daniel Pender surveyed the waterway in 1866, changing the name from Skit-ei-get, meaning 'red paint stone', to Skidegate.

Today, the small village lining the coastline is a story book of Totem Poles, deep in Haida Gwaii arts, culture and history. The section of the Skidegate area along Hwy 16 leads to a gas station and the six magnificent totem poles at Qay'llnagaay Heritage Centre ("Sea-Lion Town").

Once an ancient Haida town, the Qay'llnagaay Heritage Centre is a cultural gathering place of information including the Bill Reid Teaching Centre (a well respected Haida Gwaii artist), a Program Management Centre, a Haida Gwaii Museum, gift store and an expanded Canoe Carving House.

The waterfront of Skidegate Village is a mix of residential homes, an art gallery, beautiful coastline views, viewing benches, a restaurant and some picnic tables. It is also the site of Bill Reid's Totem Pole. A famous Haida artist who paddled from Vancouver, carrying a group of passengers in a 1909 Haida canoe called Loo Taas, or "Wave Eater,". A 3 week trip commissioned by Expo 86.

Logging and commercial fishing once dominated this small village. But times are changing as eco tourism and the history of the Haida people is attracting more attention. The art of the Haida people attracts the most attention and the outdoor adventure activities is the kicker, bonus.

The Skidegate area provides an opportunity to enjoy sport fishing, wilderness camping, boating, off roading, beachcombing, hiking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, cultural tours and sea kayaking. Sometimes you can even, luck out, and see a whale while standing on shore as they feed in the shallow gravel waters of Skidegate Inlet sometimes.

Accommodations and restaurants are few. In Queen Charlotte City and at some of the other villages on Graham Island of Haida Gwaii there are accommodations. While visiting the region check out the Spirit Lake Trail. It is a treat with beautiful lakes to discover and it does not take a long time to complete. Lokking for a beach, while then there is Jungle Beach with massive pebbled, sandy beaches and a driftwood look-out tower eh.

Exploring Skidegate, Haida Gwaii in BCeh!

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